Winter Time


Keeping Spirits High as the Temperature Drops

"What good is the warmth of Summer,

without the cold of Winter to give it sweetness."

- John Steinbeck

Winter youth school to career progressions

Winter starts on December 21st.  This day marks the Winter Solstice, or the "shortest day" of the year.  While it still has 24 hours, the amount of daylight on this day is the shortest it will be the whole year.  

The seasons and cycles of Earth bring many lessons.  If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, cold weather, snow, and a lack of sunshine can make Winter seem miserable.  However, it is an important time of the year to help nature set up for Spring and Summer.  The same can be said of life.  When you are experiencing a season of undesirable outcomes, keep in mind that seasons do not last all year, and this period of life will not last either.  

Understanding the rhythm of life can be very helpful as you plan your commitments.  Being aware of how you - and your loved ones - handle the changes in life can be beneficial.  For example, if you find yourself getting cabin fever or feeling more sad in Winter, you might need to re-boot your schedule to help set yourself up for success.  The sooner you can do this, the better!  This applies year round, as well, for a variety of circumstances.  Get anxious during tests?  Feel your anger rise up when you are around certain people?  Remembering these patterns, accepting them, and then planning for them in advance can help you save unnecessary struggle.

What might a re-boot look like for youth this Winter? 

For youth in school, it might look like making sure they have access to warm clothing so they can be outside and active, while also staying safe and warm.  It might also include providing activities that can be done indoors, such as art or learning new life skills.  Winter is also a great time to start a new weekly tradition, like a family game night.  

Remember, Winter will not last forever, but it does offer some unique experiences that can make memories and build lessons - all which work together to help make your youth prepared for each season and event in life. 


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