The Month of November

Election, Thanksgiving, and Opportunities to Learn

November 2016

Every four years, our country has the opportunity to vote to elect a President.  Elections bring out strong opinions and many conversations, and as Election Day (November 8) gets closer, the whole country is on edge about what the future will entail. 

November is also the month in which our country celebrates Thanksgiving.  This is an interesting fact as elections can often tear people apart, but this month also encourages us to come together and share our appreciation for what we have in life.  Thanksgiving can also remind us of the History of our country; issues of race, war, abortion, jobs, justice, and immigration have been around as long as America has.  

While your youth might be too young to vote, it is never to early to start inviting them to make educated choices.  This November, here are a few topics that can be raised with your youth:

  • What do you know about Democrats, Republicans, and other political parties?
  • What values do you hold?  How might these values influence your choice in a Presidential candidate?
  • Did you know that November is Native American and Alaskan Native Heritage Month?  What do you know about the current issues affecting these people?
  • How do you handle uncomfortable conversations where someone might have a different perspective than you?
  • What does Thanksgiving mean to you?  Read up on the first Thanksgiving and the history of this Holiday and those involved.

While your youth might be too young to vote, it is never too early to invite them to build their character as an active and educated citizen. Allow them to express their opinions without judgment, then ask questions and provide a variety of resources that can help them to further learn and understand these issues further.  You might even learn a thing or two in the process...



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