Your First Resume

Grades are not all that is on report cards...

"Works well with others."

"Grasps core concepts."

"Is a leader in the classroom."

"Demonstrates hard work to succeed."

The start of a new semester means the end of the previous semester, which also means it is report card time.  Hopefully, your student's report card contained comments like those listed above.  Perhaps the format of report cards that your student receives is different and does not include a "comments" section.  

It might be tempting to look at the ABCs that appear and think that is all that matters.  While grades can be an indicator of the outcome of work done in school, there are a lot of qualities that can be overlooked that went into that grade.  There are also showers of synonyms to use to describe a student's behaviors at school.  As a student progresses into a graduate, these descriptive words will become part of their resumes and job applications, and will become their first impression.  In other words, they will be having a different type of report card, one that can hopefully shape their future in a direction they desire.  

Working well with others displays teamwork

Being able to grasp core concepts shows competence

A leader in the classroom is an innovator in the work place

Hard work speaks for itself.  


Building character is similar to building a resume...and your grades still matter.    

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