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The advantages of reading not only appear in academics, but in social, artistic, and other areas of a youth's life. While movies and television shows can provide educational material that provides an escape and an opportunity to explore other perspectives and habitats, there are few things that can spark imagination like a book. 

Entering "reasons to read" into an online search engine yields plenty of results that can encourage youth - and adults - to spend more time with literature.  Whether you check out a paper book from a library or buy a book on your reader, here are some reasons to read: 

  • Increasing vocabulary:  By reading a variety of genres, you will surround yourself with opportunities to learn new words.  This leads to more ways to understand what is happening around you, and how to express yourself.  
  • New perspectives: Reading fiction offers the experience of participating in the lives of characters from across the world or fantasy world.  By stretching your imagination, you can learn about how others live, about your own world, and about deeper life questions that we all ask - and answer - in our own ways.
  • Gaining knowledge: Reading non-fiction also offers advantages of learning of different lifestyles and historical eras, while also providing real-life lessons and information so that you can set a positive future by learning from the present and past.
  • Increasing memory and decreasing stress: Exercising your brain can keep neural pathways strong, and allowing your body to rest and escape in a good story can decrease stress. 
  • Free entertainment: Visit your local library and get hours of entertainment, (while also learning responsibility of caring for property and deadlines).

The reasons are truly endless, and so is the list of books that can be recommended.  A good place to start for your middle school aged student can be this list of 10 Books Every Middle Schooler Should Read.  This list provides books that offer the above perks, plus lessons that youth can learn such as compassion, courage, and the influence of relationships.  

Find your local library and start your own list of favorite books today! 

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