Grattitude (Yes, you read that right)

Giving Thanks is not just for Thanksgiving

 School to Career Progressions Gratitude

The upcoming Holiday is a prime time to reflect on the previous year.  You might find yourself sitting around the table with loved ones, or you might be celebrating alone. Perhaps you do not participate in Thanksgiving.  No matter what your Holiday traditions are, the benefits to practicing gratitude are being researched.  These include: 

  • Stronger Immune System
  • Decreased levels of Anxiety and Depression
  • Feeling more connected to others
  • Lower blood pressure

This year, why not start a habit of practicing "Grattitude,"  that is, having an attitude where gratitude is at the heart of your outlook.  What would this look like?

  • Visual representations: Such as a collage of pictures or placing post-it notes or stickers on items you appreciate.
  • Words: Saying "Thank You!" often.  Thank You notes never go out of style!  
  • Records: Keep a regular gratitude journal that will help you remember the joys and lessons of each event in your day or week.

These activities can be done at all ages, and there are more  that can be done, specifically for youth.  Work some into your lifestyle and see what you can learn and experience.  

School to Career Progressions is honored to help teach youth to gain awareness and put a positive spin on their life experiences, to help them gain character that will help them succeed in their lives.  

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    Progressions Admin