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In order to reach a human's top potential, there are many factors that need to be considered.  Countless theories exist, linking environment, genetics, and a slew of other variables.  One such theory is proposed by Abraham Maslow.  His model shows a pyramid - a Hierarchy of Needs - that details components of human motivation.  The base holds the most basic and necessary of needs, in which he placed physiological needs such as having food, water, and healthy air.  

Too often we neglect the important role that food and nutrition can play in our success.  

By inviting youth to participate in the shopping and preparation of the food they consume, they can slowly acquire skills and habits that can benefit them as adults.  Theoretically, this will mean that when they leave the home, they will know how to budget for groceries, plan a meal, keep food safely stored, and of course, cook a meal.

As the seasons change, it is an excellent opportunity to pay attention to the types of food that are being made in your home.  Some ideas on how to include youth include:

  •  Ask them to pick one meal a week, and list the ingredients for that meal.  You can then ask them to shop with you, or look for coupons or prices for the items involved.
  • Encourage your youth to cook.  Teach them some basic skills first and then allow them to be creative.  Bonus: This could encourage you to learn some new cooking skills, too!
  • Utilize your slow cooker.  This provides an option where youth can simply drop the items into the crock-pot, without worrying about burning themselves.
  • Look for cooking classes in your community and attend one with your youth.
  • Make a recipe book with your youth in which you can keep your favorites.  These might include family traditions as well.
There is no guarantee that cooking will lead your youth to success.  However, it is a step in the right direction.  It also is means they take each step with a full belly, more life skills, and maybe some wonderful memories in the kitchen.

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