Building a Resume and Giving Back

'Tis the Season

School Career Volunteer Resume

As High School approaches, it is time for youth to begin thinking about building a resume.  This resume will explain the activities, accomplishments, and skills to future employers or higher education.  One question that many youth ask is: How do I gain experience to fill out my resume?

 With Thanksgiving out of the way and other Holidays on the horizon, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that can get your youth, and yourself, involved.  Participating in regular community service helps youth in a variety of ways:

  • they begin to learn responsibility
  • they begin to learn how to take direction from authority
  • they can witness how their actions can influence their community

Once a youth is of working age, it is a great idea to get a job and still maintain some community service in their schedule.  You can set an example by participating with them, or by maintaining your own volunteer commitments.  Build even more growth opportunities by discussing what they learned or experienced each day.   

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