Utilizing Learning Styles in a New Way

Are Learning Styles Helpful?

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“It is not making sense to me, I need to see you do it.” 

“Can you repeat that one more time?” 

“Once I did it, it all made sense.” 

These three statements introduce the idea of learning styles. 

There are three basic learning styles: visual, audio, and kinesthetic.  Visual learners, like in the first statement, learn best by seeing.  Audio learners learn best by hearing, and kinesthetic learn best by doing.  The theory is that if you find out how a student learns best, you can cater to that method to optimize education and experience. 

The problem is, this is not realistic. 

For example, a teacher likely does not have the time or resources to teach the same lesson in three different ways.  This transfers even further down a person’s life into a work environment, to the fact that a boss or co-worker may not have three ways to instruct on one aspect of the job. 

Research has shown no distinct advantage to customizing lessons to each person’s learning style.  So, while some people may identify as learning best in a set style, it is abandoning the traditional idea of learning styles can be helpful in the following ways: 

  • Using appropriate methods for specific lessons: Learning how to read is a different process than learning how to throw a football, so emphasizing one style of learning might be appropriate in different situations. 
  • Encouraging kids to try a style that is not easy for them: By teaching kids to engage in all styles of learning, we can remind them that learning is hard, but by persisting, we will see results.  This also can help them to grow into well-rounded individuals who can adapt and learn in a variety of situations.
  • Utilizing multiple styles: By engaging youth in multiple styles from the start, even using multiple styles in one lesson, it is likely to make lessons more effective (and fun!).

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