MiCareerQuest - May 10th, 2016


MiCareerQuest helps kids connect with careers.

Helping kids develop character skills involves giving them an opportunity to experience emerging jobs and discover exciting careers.

It's the student's vision for the work he or she might do someday that, in part, reinforces the development of their character skills like goal setting, perseverance, emotional restraint, resiliency and the ability to overcome obstacles.

 These character skills, in turn, also help students succeed in acquiring cognitive skills necessary to successfully study and learn the STEM skills and other academic skills necessary to succeed. In short, it all works together. 

 On Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, employers from four industry sectors including manufacturing, construction, healthcare and information technology, will come together with thousands of middle and high school students at DeVos place for a time of exploration and discovery. 

 Information posted on MiCareerQuest's website  indicates that students attending the event will have a half hour in each industry sector to engage with professionals and experience first hand some of the activities of the trade. Additionally, representatives from higher education will be onsite to help students make the connection between training, education and careers.

Grand Rapids, Mi - based Progressions provides character coaching resources and programs for middle schools and youth programs.  Progressions supports MiCareerQuest and recognizes that helping youth succeed in school, the workplace and their communities requires all stakeholders to work together in new, exciting and collaborative ways, just like MiCareerQuest.

Progressions Admin
Progressions Admin